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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have (or want) a landline phone?  

Not a problem.  We offer cell devices that can be used to send the signal straight to your cell device.  No landline phone needed.  You will be notified of an alarm on your cell phone and you let us know whether the police need to be dispatched or not.   Most people have gotten rid of their home phones now and do not want to keep them simply to have an alarm system. don't have to.  

Do you offer digital keypads that works with my SmartPhone to arm and disarm my system away from home?

Yes, we do!  Just ask us and we will be glad to quote you on that system.  For a few extra dollars a month you can have that feature added.  

Will I have to remember a lot of numbers?  Is the system hard to operate? 

Boy, have things changed since security systems were first introduced.  Pro-Tech has the most advanced equipment on the market and passes it on to our customers.  Our keypads are as easy to operate as a telephone.  When you leave your premises, touch the key marked "AWAY" and leave.  That's telling the system you will be "away" and that you want the indoor motion sensors and all window and door sensors activated.  When you are at home and want the system on, touch the key marked "STAY".  This will activate the windows and doors only and the inside motion detector will not be armed.  This way you can move around the home freely without the system going off.  How easy is that?  

How much do you charge for a repair call?

You won't get this from any other company that we know of.  Our repair calls are free as long as you own your system and have it monitored  by our company.  The only things not covered are batteries (and we only charge you the cost of the battery if we have to come and change it, no labor), carbon monoxide detectors, or extras you had installed that are not a part of your basic security system.  If you stop monitoring your system for any reason, this warranty stops. 

What happens if I accidently set off my alarm?

Not a problem.   The monitoring station will quickly call your home and ask what your emergency is.  If you state that there is no emergency, you will be asked to identify yourself by your secret password to verify that you are the homeowner.  Since it was determined that this was an accidental alarm, no emergency personnel is dispatched.  

Do I have to sign a contract? 

No.  You have a choice at the time of your purchase to either sign a contract, or pay up-front money and not sign a contract.