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Good to know!

In this section you will find great information about your security system.  Need to change the time on your keypad?  Want to bypass a zone?  We plan to have this and much more information on this page by the time our new website is finished.  In the time being....just call us!  (601) 668-3501.  Thanks!

How to change the time on your keypad

Ryan Cumbest

Want to change the time on your keypad? Press these numbers/keys in this sequence. Note: * is the * button on your keypad and # is the # button.
code (your 4 digit private numbers that you use to arm/disarm system
military time (8:15 AM is 0815 and 8:15PM is 2015 - this will always be 4 digits)
2 digit month
2 digit date (8th day of month is 08)
2 digit year year
## (press pound button 2 times
Wait 1-2 minutes for the time to come up on screen. Repeat if necessary.  
Example: It's 6:45PM on 11/3/14 and my code is 1234